Once More With Feelings

Once More With Feelings is a US based small business that owned and operated by June Westerfield. Once More With Feelings offers a variety of uniquely designed cards, printed products, and handcrafted items.

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Our Story

Once More With Feelings was founded in 2015. 

2015-It Started With Cards

My husband suffers from depression and anxiety and is disabled. My mother had fibromyalgia. I have many friends who suffer from similar “invisible” diseases. I also have friends and loved ones with autistic children.

I see, every day, people who struggle with their minds and their bodies then have the additional struggle of feeling as if everyone thinks they are liars, crazy or just plain invisible. I also see my in-laws and so many friends who are retiring and getting older and finding out it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Then there’s divorce, parenthood, crappy days. Almost everyone we know needs a pick-me-up once in a while.

I started thinking that it would be nice to have cards to tell these people that they aren’t alone, that we see their pain, we believe them, and we are there for them. I started thinking about things I say to my husband, then I asked him, and my friends what they would like to hear in their own particular situations. I got a lot of good, honest responses.

Then I started designing. Being who I am, I couldn’t make these cards with flowery platitudes. I’m blunt, plain spoken, and (apparently) snarky.

Turns out… People like my brand of silly, snarky, thoughtful humor. Within days of designing my first Once More With Feelings card I had my first bulk order. At the time of writing this “story” that was just a few days ago. I’m really excited to see where this takes me and my family.

It is my hope that Once More With Feelings cards & prints are thoughtful and humorous and help people like me get their point across to their loved ones who are in pain.

The Pandemic

Up until 2020 Once More With Feelings was just a side gig I did while doing other work.  Like for everyone, the pandemic changed the scope of my career and as a result, Once More With Feelings became my sole source of income.  With this new reality, instead of focusing only on cards, I adapted Once More With Feelings to sell printed items with my digital designs, as well as handcrafted items. 

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